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Leading Quality DVB s2 Suppliers in China

Our business, Quanzhou Dongze Technology Co., Ltd., was established on July 12, 2017, and it is the owner of the trademark “Superdvb.” In addition, we manage hardware and software development, final product manufacturing, and delivery to the place of use or sale for OEM/ODM products. 

We make our best DVB s2 android tv box for broadcasting services HDTV and standard. It also involves interactive services like Internet access and the distribution of (professional) data content. We are among the top-selling DVB s2 suppliers in China. Our customers from all around the world are satisfied with the quality of our DVB s2. 

Why Select Us Among Other DVB s2 Suppliers?

Our Top Qaulity DVB s2 android tv box performs substantially better than its predecessors, mainly because it allows for an increase in useful bitrate over the same satellite transponder bandwidth. Being one of the well-known DVB s2 suppliers in China, it has been seen that our DVB-S2 performs around 30% better than DVB-S. That too at the same satellite transponder bandwidth and signal power.

We chose our staff through a scrutiny process so that we have the right passion, talent, and experience. Our staff has all the knowledge regarding our products and they are also well trained. You can buy our 2022 best DVB s2 android tv box without a second thought because we are the best among the DVB s2 suppliers in China. We also supply other products such as the android DVB t2. 

Feature of Our Best DVB s2 Android TV Box

  • Support the Pre-install APK Service, the Boot Logo & Boot Animation Service, and the Customize UI Service.
  • Support the printing of the TV box’s logo.
  • Support for custom package boxes and user manuals.
  • Personalized remote control support
  • Boost OTA Update Service use.
  • Availability of Custom House Case and Motherboard Support
  • Support open source for SDK. 

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