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High Quality Android Hybrid STB Supplier in China

The establishment of Quanzhou Dongze Technology Co., Ltd. took place on July 12, 2017. We welcome orders for OEM/ODM from everywhere in the world. We assist clients in creating distinctive PCBAs for a variety of industrial sectors in addition to providing finished items from which consumers can choose from a variety of PCBA designs (which can be based on existing Superdvb products or an entirely bespoke design). Our Android Hybrid STB is one of our best-selling products in the market.

Introduction to Android Hybrid STB

Android Hybrid STB is used for both streaming content and gaming console use. Along with others, there are USB ports, RJ 45 connectors, HDMI ports, and WiFi. The well-established, popular, scalable, and user-friendly Android operating system makes Android STBs a compelling choice for OTT services.

Both Android TV Boxes and Cable TV Boxes are content-delivery set-top boxes, although they operate in distinct ways. Android TV boxes link to the Internet to get content and give TVs smart TV capabilities. In contrast, cable TV boxes deliver content to your TV via standard cable channels.

Features of Our Android Hybrid STB

  1. TV channels and more than 5000 apps are available immediately on your TV’s larger screen as online content. Watch your favorite YouTube videos, web series, and other content on Zee5, Hot Star, Hungama Play, and other streaming services.
  2. Stream content from a phone, tablet, or laptop using Chromecast, which is built-in.
  3. Voice Your favorite TV station can be located with Google Assistant.
  4. Smartphones can serve as portable remote controls.
  5. You can play games on a big screen.
  6. With 4K, you may get astounding visual clarity.
  7. We not only manufacture Android Hybrid STB but also an android hybrid DVB manufacturer. So, hurry up and purchase it.

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